Dustin Posiak- Trider

When he's not working on both his studies and the creative process, he enjoys spending time with his son, riding bikes with his partner, spending time with their dogs, backpacking and fly fishing.


Dustin Posiak-Trider is a photographer currently residing in Colorado. Dustin received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Applied Economics from the University of Maine where he also studied design and photography. Dustin moved from Maine to Colorado in 2018 after finishing his first book project, Milltown. In Colorado, while he continues his pursuit of capturing compelling photographs and searching for his next story, he also works as the Gallery director at the Jace Romick Gallery located in Steamboat Springs.

Dustin's passion for photography has generated many opportunities for him to study unique social topographies of the human condition throughout society. Photography has created many areas of significance of which he pursues on a daily basis. Dustin works on many different projects and in many different capacities. He is always interested in engaging with new people and being a small part of big stories.

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