Coila Evans

Coila Evans is an artist based in Roundup, Montana, whose work focuses on bringing awareness to the land and life of the west. She is a lifelong learner who is interested in the complex history and lives of her subjects, and she shares those stories through her work. Coila and her husband, Troy Evans, are both working artists; he in wood, she in oil paints. They are a complementary pair that draw inspiration from one another and the landscape where they reside.

Evans also spends as much time as she can in the field working outdoors “en plein air.” This practice helps to train her eye while also exploring the western environment and its history.


For the past two years, Evans has had her head down in the studio, focusing on a new body of work she describes as the result of “early mornings, late nights, and long days.”

Utilizing negative space, these elegant and impactful paintings pay tribute to the subject by removing all that is unnecessary to tell the story.

“The quiet rhythm of the negative space allows your eye to wander and return to the subjects that help tell the stories of relationships, dreams, and experiences,” describes Evans, who merged her traditional Western painting style with a contemporary use of negative space, “having faith every day for those 2 years that I was on the right path.”

That time spent has proven prudent. The experiments with materials and developing processes has resulted in creating very collectible smaller works, while working toward the scale up of her larger signature works.

This departure from a more traditional western style zeros in on the painting’s subject, carving out the essence. Such a style creates a relationship to the shape of an idea, crafting art that mirrors the relational nature of life.


Evans has shown in Dallas, Billings, Great Falls, Coeur d’Alene, and New York City. Her work is collected throughout the U.S., Australia, Canada, and Japan. You can find Evans’ work online, through her Main street studio, and Cassens Fine Art in Missoula, MT.


“Where contemporary meets the traditional. I’m all about the story. A lover of history. A lover of nature, of the people & creatures of the enduring landscape from the place I get to call home. I appreciate well crafted, beautiful objects. Made with love. These are the stories I love to tell in paint.

And, importantly, I think 100 years ahead.

Each piece that leaves my studio has all the hallmarks of lasting craftsmanship, is well packed, accompanied by important documentation - signed & embossed, a hand written note, and lots of gratitude. I have big ideas, big dreams. And a spirited work ethic to see them through. Thanks for taking a look at my work - I’m doing everything I can to make sure you howl with delight at the thought of seeing your great grandkids wrestling exuberantly to the ground, earning the right to call ‘dibs!’“

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oil on hand prepared acm panel Lead alkyd surface, uvgloss varnish
21 x 22 ″
29.5 x 30.25 ″

Grandmother's Quilt

Grandmother's Quilt

oil on panel
6 x 8 ″