Lance Whitner

Lance Whitner’s work is a tangible reflection of her profound relationship with nature. The Rocky Mountains have become her inspiration and her home.

Lance grew up in the intricate colors and patterns of America’s southern countryside where she developed a deep rooted connection to landscape and nature. Her formal education began in Washington DC at the Corcoran College of Art and Desgin but it was at the University of Colorado, Boulder where she obtained a BFA in ceramics as well as her true sense of place.

Lance eventually carved her way north into the ranges of the Rocky Mountains to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and gave her heart to the Yampa Valley. It has been home to her studio, her gallery and her family for the past 20 years.


Nature is my soul food and my paintings are born from the rythmic process of moving through our landscape. Each painting is a deliberate translation of the places, the moments that give me pause and ignite collaboration between where I am and what I am feeling. I work to bring that conversation between self and space to the canvas.

I start with a sketch then move to the canvas where I apply subtle washes of color. I progress through a piece by layering colors and marks until it’s spoken its doneness. I am able to apply the same process to my work that propels me through my romps in the Rocky Mountains. The organic unfolding of what occurs from beginning to end, expels the simple beauty of both my adventures and my art. My deep connection and appreciation for the land around us, ignites the creative in me.

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